Quantification of Transcription Factor Expression from Arabidopsis Images

Daniel L. Mace, Ji-Young Lee, Richard W. Twigg, Juliette Colinas, Philip N. Benfey, Uwe Ohler

Supplemental Data

Table/Figure 1: Exact tissue specification used in FACS sorting
NumberTissue SpecificationDifferences
1Lateral Root CapIncludes portions of the Columella cap
2Columella Root CapNone
3EpidermisOnly includes the Atrichoblast (not trichoblast)
4Radial of EpidermisOnly includes the Atrichoblast (not trichoblast)
5Not Used
6CortexOnly apparent in Elongation/Maturation region
7EndodermisIncludes portions of the Cortex, as well as the QC and Enodermis/Cortex Initials
9SteleIncludes the pericycle
11Not Used
12Not Used
13Not Used
14Non Used
15Not Used
16Not Used
17Not Used

Table 2: Specific data/analysis of individual images (WARNING: Large size, may take a while to load)