Computational Regulatory Genomics

Publications (2014)

Explicit DNase sequence bias modeling enables high-resolution transcription factor footprint detection

Gurkan Yardimci,  Christopher Frank,  Gregory Crawford,  Uwe Ohler 
Nucleic acids research 2014;   DOI   PubMed  

Paired-end analysis of transcription start sites in Arabidopsis reveals plant-specific promoter signatures

Taj Morton,  Jalean Petricka,  David Corcoran,  Song Li,  Cara Winter,  Alexa Carda,  Philip Benfey,  Uwe Ohler,  Molly Megraw 
The Plant Cell 2014;   DOI   PubMed  

Global target mRNA specification and regulation by the RNA-binding protein ZFP36

Neelanjan Mukherjee Nicholas Charles Jacobs,  M. Hafner,  E. Kennington,  J. Nusbaum,  T. Tuschl,  P. Blackshear,  Uwe Ohler 
Genome Biol. 2014;   DOI   PubMed  

Improved transcript isoform discovery using ORF graphs

W. Majoros,  N. Lebeck,  Uwe Ohler,  S. Li 
Bioinformatics 2014;   DOI   PubMed  

Identification of the RNA recognition element of the RBPMS family of RNA-binding proteins and their transcriptome-wide mRNA targets

T. Farazi,  C. Leonhardt,  Neelanjan Mukherjee,  A. Mihailovic,  S. Li,  K. Max,  C. Meyer,  M. Yamaji,  P. Cekan,  Nicholas Charles Jacobs,  S. Gerstberger,  C. Bognanni,  E. Larsson,  Uwe Ohler,  T. Tuschl 
RNA 2014;   DOI   PubMed  

COUGER-co-factors associated with uniquely-bound genomic regions

Alina-Cristina Munteanu Uwe Ohler,  R. Gordan 
Nucleic Acids Res. 2014;   DOI   PubMed  
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