Computational Regulatory Genomics

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Raw data (Stored at SRA, experiment ID:SRX018832)

Locations of all mapped pairs

All called 5' Clusters

Motif data
This data includes all clusters found within an initiation region (those clusters found within 250nt upstream of a flybase annotated TSS, overlapping a TSS, or found within a 5'UTR) that contain at least 1 motif in its 'preferred' location at a p-value cutoff of 0.01 and have more than 100 reads. The location for each motif is relative to the TSS (position '+1'); this dataset corresponds to Supplemental Figure 9

Genome Browser Display

Use the following two WIG files as tracks in the UCSC Genome Browser to display the 5' read data
D. melanogaster Genome Version: Apr. 2006 (BDGP R5/dm3)

WIG File of 5' data (+ Strand)

WIG File of 5' data (- Strand)

The value for each nucleotide in the WIG files is equal to: log2(Number of 5' Reads) + 1

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