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Sequence-structure motif identification for RNA-binding proteins

Munteanu A., Mukherjee N., Ohler U.(2018): SSMART: sequence-structure motif identification for RNA-binding proteins, Bioinformatics.

SSMART performs de novo motif discovery on high-throughput RNA-binding protein data, predicting sequence and structure binding motifs of RBPs. We used SSMART to examine a range of publicly available biological datasets and to compare binding specificities derived from in vivo and in vitro experiments.

SSMART overview


Version Date Changes
SSMART1.2 Jul 2017 new post-processing procedure (clustering evolved k-mer motifs); added vizualisation for the similarity between evolved k-mer motifs; added option for filetype of output plots.
SSMART1.1 Feb 2017 bug fixes in pre-processing step.


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