Computational Regulatory Genomics

Publications (2010)

Extraction and comparison of gene expression patterns from 2D RNA in situ hybridization images

D. Mace,  N. Varnado,  W. Zhang,  E. Frise,  Uwe Ohler 
Bioinformatics 2010;   PubMed Central   DOI   PubMed  

Promoting developmental transcription

Uwe Ohler,  D. Wassarman 
Development 2010;   PubMed Central   DOI   PubMed  

Evidence-ranked motif identification

S. Georgiev,  A. Boyle,  K. Jayasurya,  X. Ding,  S. Mukherjee,  Uwe Ohler 
Genome Biol. 2010;   PubMed Central   DOI   PubMed  

Mapping the complexity of transcription control in higher eukaryotes

P. Tomancak,  Uwe Ohler 
Genome Biol. 2010;   PubMed Central   DOI   PubMed  

A paired-end sequencing strategy to map the complex landscape of transcription initiation

T. Ni,  D. Corcoran,  E. Rach,  S. Song,  E. Spana,  Y. Gao,  Uwe Ohler,  J. Zhu 
Nat. Methods 2010;   PubMed Central   DOI   PubMed  

An alignment-free method to identify candidate orthologous enhancers in multiple Drosophila genomes

M. Arunachalam,  K. Jayasurya,  P. Tomancak,  Uwe Ohler 
Bioinformatics 2010;   DOI   PubMed  

The TCT motif, a key component of an RNA polymerase II transcription system for the translational machinery

T. Parry,  J. Theisen,  J. Hsu,  Y. Wang,  D. Corcoran,  M. Eustice,  Uwe Ohler,  J. Kadonaga 
Genes Dev. 2010;   PubMed Central   DOI   PubMed  

Gene expression divergence recapitulates the developmental hourglass model

A. Kalinka,  K. Varga,  D. Gerrard,  S. Preibisch,  D. Corcoran,  J. Jarrells,  Uwe Ohler,  C. Bergman,  P. Tomancak 
Nature 2010;   DOI   PubMed  

Modeling the evolution of regulatory elements by simultaneous detection and alignment with phylogenetic pair HMMs

W. Majoros,  Uwe Ohler 
PLoS Comput. Biol. 2010;   PubMed Central   DOI   PubMed  
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