Computational Regulatory Genomics

Publications (2016)

Alternative splicing substantially diversifies the transcriptome during early photomorphogenesis and correlates with the energy availability in arabidopsis

Lisa Hartmann,  Philipp Drewe-Bo{\ss},  Theresa Wie{\ss}ner,  Gabriele Wagner,  Sascha Geue,  Hsin-Chieh Lee,  Dominik Oberm{\"u}ller,  Andr{\'e} Kahles,  Jonas Behr,  Fabian Sinz 
The Plant Cell 2016;  

Super-resolution ribosome profiling reveals unannotated translation events in Arabidopsis

Polly Hsu,  Lorenzo Calviello,  Hsin-Yen Wu,  Fay-Wei Li,  Carl Rothfels,  Uwe Ohler,  Philip Benfey 
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2016;  

Integrative classification of human coding and noncoding genes through RNA metabolism profiles

Neelanjan Mukherjee Lorenzo Calviello Antje Hirsekorn,  S. Pretis,  M. Pelizzola,  Uwe Ohler 
Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 2016;   DOI   PubMed  

The mRNA-bound proteome of the early fly embryo

Hans-Hermann Wessels,  K. Imami,  A. Baltz,  M. Kolinksi,  M. Beldovskaya,  M. Selbach,  S. Small,  Uwe Ohler,  M. Landthaler 
Genome Res. 2016;   DOI  

Identifying RBP Targets with RIP-seq

Hans-Hermann Wessels Antje Hirsekorn Uwe Ohler Neelanjan Mukherjee 
Methods Mol. Biol. 2016;   DOI   PubMed  


Wanja Kassuhn Uwe Ohler,  P. Drewe 
Pac Symp Biocomput 2016;   PubMed  

Divergent Transcription and Epigenetic Directionality of Human Promoters

Scott Allen Lacadie Mahmoud Ibrahim Sucheta Arun Gokhale Uwe Ohler 
FEBS J. 2016;   DOI   PubMed  
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