Computational Regulatory Genomics

Publications (2016)

Alternative Splicing Substantially Diversifies the Transcriptome during Early Photomorphogenesis and Correlates with the Energy Availability in Arabidopsis

Lisa Hartmann,  Philipp Drewe-Boss,  Theresa Wiessner,  Gabriele Wagner,  Sascha Geue,  Hsin-Chieh Lee,  Dominik Obermueller,  Andre Kahles,  Jonas Behr,  Fabian Sinz,  Gunnar Raetsch,  Andreas Wachter 
The Plant Cell 2016;   DOI   PubMed  

High-Resolution Expression Map of the Arabidopsis Root Reveals Alternative Splicing and lincRNA Regulation.

Song Li,  Masashi Yamada,  Xinwei Han,  Uwe Ohler,  Philip Benfey 
DOI   PubMed  

Super-resolution ribosome profiling reveals unannotated translation events in Arabidopsis

Polly Hsu,  Lorenzo Calviello,  Hsin-Yen Wu,  Fay-Wei Li,  Carl Rothfels,  Uwe Ohler,  Philip Benfey 

The mRNA-bound proteome of the early fly embryo

Hans-Hermann Wessels,  K. Imami,  A. Baltz,  M. Kolinksi,  M. Beldovskaya,  M. Selbach,  S. Small,  Uwe Ohler,  M. Landthaler 
Genome Res. 2016;   DOI  

Identifying RBP Targets with RIP-seq

Hans-Hermann Wessels Antje Hirsekorn Uwe Ohler Neelanjan Mukherjee 
Methods Mol. Biol. 2016;   DOI   PubMed  


Wanja Kassuhn Uwe Ohler,  P. Drewe 
Pac Symp Biocomput 2016;   PubMed  

Divergent Transcription and Epigenetic Directionality of Human Promoters

Scott Allen Lacadie Mahmoud Ibrahim Sucheta Arun Gokhale Uwe Ohler 
FEBS J. 2016;   DOI   PubMed  

Detecting actively translated open reading frames in ribosome profiling data

Lorenzo Calviello Neelanjan Mukherjee,  Emanuel Wyler,  Henrik Zauber,  Antje Hirsekorn,  Matthias Selbach,  Markus Landthaler,  Benedikt Obermayer,  Uwe Ohler 
Nature Methods 2016;   DOI   PubMed  
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