Computational Regulatory Genomics

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Paired-End Analysis of Trascript start sites (PEAT)

PEAT Data Repository

A novel high-throughput method for the identification of transcription start sites in metazoans.

About the Protocol

Data Download (Ni et al, Rach et al)

If you use the data, please cite:
Ni T, Corcoran DL, Rach EA, Song S, Spana EP, Gao Y, Ohler U, Zhu J (2010) A paired-end sequencing strategy to map the complex landscape of transcription initiation. Nature Methods 7, 521 - 527

We used the fly data in a comparative evaluation between mammals and flies:
Rach EA, Winter DR, Benjamin AM, Corcoran DL, Ni T, Zhu J, Ohler U (2011) Transcription initiation patterns indicate divergent strategies for gene regulation at the chromatin level . PLoS Genetics 7:e1001274

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